Wine If You Must

And the best way to do it: Rosé! This delightful pink drink is perfect for any occasion. Ours has been a loose and flirty affair; which is exactly what a Rosé wine should offer. Emphasis on floral and fruity notes guarantee that most types you light upon will have you hooked and thirsty for more. One thing that makes Rose a great partner (in crime) is that there are no strict rules for when and how it can be enjoyed. Whether you’ve planned a brunch with friends or a summer afternoon by the pool, Rose won’t let you down.

I personally delight in pouring myself a generous serving of a light, chilled Rosé and sipping it (speed varying) on my balcony while watching the sun go down. I don’t need a reason to pop open a bottle; the occasion always serves itself – romantic sky, warm summer breeze and an appetite for a fresh, bright alcohol in a dazzling shade of pink. Occasionally, when I prefer a few more sparkles, I pour some soda water and mix it with my Rosé – a coupling that has always served me well. And at times when I feel like I need an extra kick of happy, I’ll make myself a Rosénade (Stoli Citrus, Rosé, lemon, basil, soda, simple syrup), a Summer Sangria (cherries, white peach, lime juice, a tiny helping of sugar, soda, vodka, watermelon juice and of course, Rosé) or a heavenly Daiquirosé (dry Rosé, Samai Gold, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, lime as garnish adds to the perfection). What better way to indulge yourself?

Spoiler: this is not me. But it is how I enjoy Rosé!

If you’ve just missed the last rays of sunshine and need to couple your Rosé with dinner then you are in for a treat. One marvellous combination is with a duck dish which often has quite an intense meat flavour and as such, goes superbly with a light drink such as Aimery Cabernet Rosé France. Another wonderful wine to have with grilled chicken and big, strong flavours (think olives, garlic and anchovies) are medium-bodied, dry Rosé wines; also ideal for barbecues (including veggie skewers!).

However, being vegetarian/pescatarian doesn’t mean you can’t find mouth-watering dishes to pair with your Rosé. I love to cook up a tender salmon fillet with asparagus and enjoy it with a shimmering glass of Rosé – pink perfect! If you opt for a fresh summer salad or Japanese seafood you can’t go wrong with Lindemans Bin 35 Shiraz-Cabernet-Grenache. The unparalleled duo that holds Nr.1 in my amateur gourmet status is hands down Rosé and cheese. There’s not much that can go wrong with such an incredible marriage of flavours. Try combining aged goat Gouda with a fruity and fresh Rosé like Stonefish Margaret River Rosé.


My idea of heaven!

Rosé pairing options are abundant, as are the varieties of this zesty beverage. And the best part? It won’t leave you blushing when you need to settle the bill. Many bottles are around or under $20 – who could say no ?! Ergo, if you’re searching for a vibrant summer drink – think pink!

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