The Express Pass Winners for the Singha Challenge!

As with Drinks on Wheels, was born amidst adversity in unprecedented times. Their aim is to
empower organizations and individuals to explore, experiment and create new pathways.

We were first introduced to Wildcats whilst on our fundraising journey and decided to take part in their
challenge, ‘You Think, Singha Start’, sponsored by Thailand’s leading beer brand, Singha. They were
looking for an idea to expand Singha’s sales and brand awareness throughout the Kingdom and are using
the Wildcats platform to facilitate this. The top 10 ideas will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to
the judges with the opportunity to win USD$3,000 for the top 3 ideas as well as a possible USD$50,000
to turn their idea into reality!

Having recently launched our Drinks on Wheels platform and being in the process of looking for
investment, we knew that this would be a great opportunity for us. Not only would it validate our idea
but having the Singha Corporation on board as one of our investors would be priceless. Not to mention
the invaluable advice from the Wildcats team in bringing our dream alive.

We were recently notified by the Wildcats team that we have been selected by judge Ratanak Sopha,
Co-Founder and CEO of Ocean Technology, as the winner of the ‘Express Pass’ which is given to one idea
as a fast track to the final. This means that we are guaranteed a place in the final 10 and will have the
opportunity to pitch our idea at Demo Day!

Exciting times lie ahead and we will keep you posted as things progress. We now have to perfect our
pitch and get ready. We hope that this will be the start of all your favourite brands, including Singha,
being made available for direct delivery to an increasing number of homes in Cambodia…and outside of

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